Lamborghini: With Italy, For Italy

In July 2020 Lamborghini launched the photographic project “With Italy, For Italy” as a declaration of its love to Italy with the goal to promote our Country after the Covid-19 emergency. For this task Lamborghini has chosen 20 of Italy’s most talented photographers to discover the beauty, uniqueness and excellence of the 20 Italian regions, highlighting, through their work, the extraordinary wealth of treasures of our Country.

Each photographer had to interpret a Lamborghini car through his/her lenses and using his/her unique vision. The composition has to illustrate the country’s unparalleled beauty, art, history, architectural marvels, natural wonders and more as well as the distinctive characteristics of the assigned car from Lamborghini’s current range . The images illustrate also Italy as a land of excellence, talent, flair, aesthetic research and innovation – all features deeply embedded in the Lamborghini DNA.

The art director of the project is Stefano Guindani, a fashion and lifestyle photographer who, together with Lamborghini, oversaw the scouting, selection and briefing phase. The team includes other photographers working in fashion, streetstyle and design (Piero Gemelli, Vincenzo Grillo and Guido Taroni); reportage photographers (Gabriele Micalizzi, Fulvio Bugani, Alessandro Cinque); documentary photographers (Gabriele Galimberti, Marco Casino, Camilla Ferrari), social issues photographers (Mattia Balsamini, Roselena Ramistella); architecture (Valentina Sommariva) and art (Anna di Prospero); car photographers (Wolfango Spaccarelli and Davide de Martis); a photographer from the music industry (Chiara Mirelli); a creative director and a content creator from the Instagram universe (Simone Bramante, @brahmino, and Marco Valmarana); all the way to a bright new star of landscape photography (Alberto Selvestrel), symbolizing Lamborghini’s commitment to younger generations. Completing the team of 20 master photographers there was a cameo by the photojournalist Letizia Battaglia commissioned to produce a special interpretation of her home city, Palermo.

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Fulvio's Photoshoot

I’m honored to be selected among the 20 master photographers and to be assigned the latest creation of Lamborghini: the Sián Roadster. This car is the first hybrid technology of this Sport Luxury Car Company and it is a real jewel of technology, design and innovation, which will be produced in a limited edition of 19 specimens.
I shot the only Sián Roadster existing at the time in Valle D’Aosta at the end of August 2020.

I have thus created a set of images that would give a sense of freedom, power, craftsmanship, tradition linked to innovation, the look towards the future, the green soul; all characteristics describing both this hybrid car and the region Aosta Valley whose wild nature is dotted with majestic peaks among which we find the highest peaks of the Alps. These mountains that served as the backdrop for my shots were an important reference both to the concept of the project’s grandeur and, more tangibly, to the geometric and slender shapes of the car. Similarly, I have used as a location for my pictures some ancient fortifications and military fortresses that testify the rich feudal history of the region, and the Arch of Augustus, a symbol of the ancient glorious past of the Roman city of Aosta.
I have then enhanced the futuristic design and the open-top cabin, and celebrated the futuristic “Blu Uranus” color of the only currently existing model of the Sian Roadster, with the shots at the Astronomical Observatory of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta and of the Lignan Planetarium, for a look towards the future in a sky that has become a UNESCO heritage site.

And finally I have exploited the rich tradition of wooden sculpture, to tell not only the craftsmanship of Lamborghini’s work, and its link with the territory, but also as a symbol of the uniqueness of each “creation”, in a car that will see the production of only 19 examples worldwide.

During the project I’ve been assisted by my team:

Foto Image Team

– Daniela Damonte – project manager
– Adele Grotti – photographer
– Luca Vittorio Toffolon – producer
– Luca Finotello – videomaker & video editor
– Marco Armienti – drone
– Francesco Catanese – drone
– Sylvie Cheney – assistant

Lamborghini Team

– Clara Magnanini
– Stefano Guindani
– Marco Risi
– Mario Fasanetto
– Federico Azzolini

A special thanks to all the location in Valle D’Aosta which made my shooting possible:

– Regione Valle D’Aosta
– Comune di Cogne
– Bellevue Hotel & Spa in Cogne – Laura Roullet
– Hotel Roma in Aosta – Marco Lepri
– Chalet Saint Barthelemy – Roberto e Luca Benvenuto
– The Artist Gian Giuseppe Barmasse
– Golf Club Cervino – Manager Enrico Vuillermoz
– Hot-Air Balloon – The Charbonnier family
– Paragliding instructors – Daniele Vuillermoz, Luca Giordano
– Astronomical Observatory – Manager Jean Marc Christille

The backstage

Interview with Fulvio

Backstage photos