Intimate Interior

Intimate Interior is a story of personal silences, where the photographer tells something about his inner feelings through quiet, silent images. In this work he uses photography to explore primarily himself and his relationship with people.

What the photographer is looking for is the “true portrait”, as Jean Luc Nancy defines it. That moment “in which the person represented is not caught in any action, nor adopts an expression to hide his/her true self”. Only in this way the subject returns to be him/herself, showing his/her essence and giving intensity to the photo. It is a continuous game of references, where the photographer gives his gaze to the subject, while portraying his/her own.
The setting that he researches as well as the soft lights, the pastel colors and the warm atmospheres are the key elements of a personal meditation on intimate spaces which surrounded all of us. His images can be a starting point for a contemplative observation about life.
He is inspired by the situations he finds traveling Cuba, by certain lighting, by a particular encounter, by colors and forms which draws a perfect image on an imaginary canvas. His unique relationship with Cuba and his tight bound with its people are the file rouge of the work.
The title describes the double face of this work, which is not only a collection of artistic representation of the inside of Cuban homes, but also a journey in the intimate space of the portrayed subject as well as the inner soul of the photographer himself.
Through the relationship he establishes with his subject, the photographer can open a door for us to the lives of many Cubans, within the intimacy of their homes, showing stories of life lived with the dignity and awareness that the simplicity of the things that surround us is neither the sign nor the measure of the richness that each of us carries within.