Soul Y Sombra

Cuba is a country very different and much more complex than it is often described. A distracted and superficial eye might notice only poverty and backwardness, in addition to the beautiful landscape. But the real treasure of the Country are the people themselves and their way of life.
Cuba is enchanting and fascinating, not only for its beauties of nature, as someone might think, but for the people themselves. They are the real “monument of Cuba”. Their spirit is what makes this place magic.
To describe this country you have to go beyond its irresistible attractions to catch what lies below the surface. You need to mix with the people, letting yourself be carried away by the throbbing everyday life, experiencing Cuban multi-ethnicity and cultural diversity.
Observing the daily life of Cuban people, you will be overwhelmed by the pulsing, savory mix of passionate gestures and worn surfaces, of hectic movement and evocative stillness, which you can feel everywhere on the Island. My aim is to catch the bright, colorful and vibrant way of life, made of rhythm, passion, easiness and strong contrasts, by depicting everyday scenes in complex striking images where the light is a fundamental trait, being both a protagonist of the picture and the medium to capture the Cuban soul.
The presence of an intense bright light is proved by strong deep shadows, which are, instead, used as imaginary people to show the elusive side of a person, which is difficult to grasp, a kind of “other world” which is not so visible but still present. They are a metaphor to represent the mystery and complexity of Cuba.