– With the Italian photographer Fulvio Bugani –

Be part of a masterclass workshop with Leica Ambassador and World Press Photo award-winning photographer, Fulvio Bugani in Cuba, ​​from the the 11th to the 19th of December, 2022.

An exciting photographic journey to discover the magic of Cuba, the timeless island. In its 18th edition, this intense 9 days traveling workshop will bring us to colonial style towns, from Havana to Trinidad, discovering the wonderful lights and colors of Cuba.
Participants will follow an intensive hands-on program during this 9 days workshop in Cuba with the award winning photographer Fulvio Bugani. The main focus will be on reportage through street photography.
 This intensive Leica Akademie Frankfurt in Cuba with Fulvio Bugani will help the students to learn in concrete how to observe and capture the world around them and realize a reportage through street photography and intimate portraits.

When: 11/12/22 - 19/12/22

Where:  Havana - Trinidad (Cuba)


Starting point of our tour will be the charming Capital, an ancient city which is the most beautiful example of Spanish colonial architecture that is conserved in the Americas. We will enjoy the throbbing, warm lifestyle and the hospitality of its friendly people. And you will assuredly be charmed by the decadent retro atmosphere of this magical city.
Some days shooting pictures in the vibrant and colorful streets and different areas of the capital Havana and then our journey will bring us to the island’s interior to discover the true soul of Cuba. A small country town, like Trinidad, will let us breath the history and the past, where the rhythm of the life is much more relaxed than Havana.
Our two destinations are both part of the Unesco Heritage, and even though quite touristic still preserve the unique heritage of the island.


9 days of socio-cultural reportage in a magical Island, to learn its history and fervent culture.
Every day there are intensive shooting sessions, while during the evening there are moments to revise and analyze what have been done during the day in group or individually.


Learn how to interact with subjects, how to manage various light conditions, how to comunicate through colors and find a personal vision.
The focus of our workshop is on reportage through street photography and portraiture.
He will explain his photographic vision and help people finding theirs own.


The workshop is open to students of photography, advanced amateurs or professional photographers.



Italian & English


Fulvio Bugani started working as a photographer in 1995. After a close collaboration with the most important photographic studios in Bologna, he founded his own studio in 1999: Foto Image.

Bugani has been a freelance professional photographer for more than 20 years, working with associations and NGOs.

Among other recognitions, in 2015 he was awarded in the World Press Photo, for his work on Indonesian transgender Muslim. While in 2016 his reportage about Cuba was selected as one of the 12 finalists for the Leica Oskar Barnack Award.

He has been chosen by Leica as its International Leica Ambassador for the launch the Leica M10 and has worked for major international brands and artists like Juventus, Leica Camera, Universal Music, Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, Lamborghini.


*All reviews were written by students who actually participates into one of my workshops in the last few years.