Leica M10

In January 2017 Leica Camera AG launched on the market the new Leica M10.
I was chosen to be one of the three International Ambassador for the new Camera. The Art Director & Chief Representative of Leica Galleries International, Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, contacted me, together with the photographer William Daniels and Matt Stuart, to assign us a prototype of the top of the range camera to be used in a personal project to test the quality of it. I decided to shoot in Cuba, where I’ve been working on my long term project for years.

I produced a series of pictures with astonishing colours which were presented in a dedicated exhibition at the Head Quarter Leitz-Park in Wetzlar. During the event the new Leica M10 was presented and the renowned American street photographer Joel Meyerowitz was awarded the 2017 Leica Hall of Fame Award for his contributions to the photographic medium and the Leica brand. I was invited as special guest and authors of the first pictures captured with a Leica M10.

Some of those images are now part of permanent exhibition at the Leica Hotel The VIENNA HOUSE ERNST LEITZ HOTEL and they were also published the show catalogue “Frame” by Leica.